Complex Numbers

Initializing Complex Numbers

There are two complex types in Go+. The complex64 and the complex128. Initializing complex numbers is really easy. You can use the constructor or the initialization syntax as well.

c1 := complex(10, 11) // constructor init c2 := 10 + 11i // complex number init syntax println c1, c2

Parts of a Complex Number

There are two parts of a complex number. The real and imaginary part. We use functions to get those.

cc := complex(23, 31) realPart := real(cc) // gets real part imagPart := imag(cc) // gets imaginary part println realPart, imagPart

Operations on a Complex Number

A complex variable can do any operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Let’s see an example to perform mathematical operations on the complex numbers.

c11 := complex(10, 11) // constructor init c22 := 10 + 11i // complex number init syntax ccc := complex(2, 3) cc2 := 4 + 5i // complex initializer syntax a + ib cc3 := c11 + c22 // addition just like other variables println "Add: ", cc3 // prints "Add: (6+8i)" re := real(cc3) // get real part im := imag(cc3) // get imaginary part println ccc, cc2, re, im // prints 6 8

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