Rational Numbers

Go+ has various rational number types including bigint, bigrat and bigfloat. Here are a few basic examples on bigint type.

Declaration and assignment of bigint type variables

import "math/big"

The Go+ language uses the keyword “var” to declare variables.

var bint1 bigint var bint2 *big.Int

the integer rational variable can be assigned when declaration. (1r<<65), the value is equal to the 65th power of 2.

var bint3 bigint = 1r << 65

Notice: The initial value of a rational variable without assignment is not 0 but <nil>.

Expected results´╝Ü bint1: <nil> bint2: <nil> bint3: 36893488147419103232

println "bint1:", bint1 println "bint2:", bint2 println "bint3:", bint3

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